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crc web logo 3COMMUNITY RESOURCE COORDINATORS is an independent, non-profit, Support Coordination agency. Since 1992, CRC has provided long-term Support Coordination services in the community to nearly 2000 individuals and their families. We began our Support Coordination services with a grant for “Quality Case Management” from the Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council. Our customers have ranged from people with developmental disabilities, to the elderly, to the very young. We know that each individual we serve has unique gifts and adversities, and we strive to find the best services available, focusing on their needs and choices.

At Community Resource Coordinators, our first goal is to help people, who are in need, to realize their goals and dreams. We have made a commitment to work efficiently and wisely so that individuals in the program will receive all the services and programs that they truly need. We plan to continue our promise to help our consumers achieve and maintain a satisfying life.

Community Resource Coordinators strives to enrich the lives of individuals with multiple needs by providing effective Support Coordination from an experienced, professionally trained staff, who communicate with knowledge and compassion.


“ Community Resource Coordinators is dedicated to providing ongoing, conscientious assistance for individuals in need, so that they can create and maintain a quality life in the community. Community Resource Coordinators strives to enrich peoples’ lives by providing them with experienced, highly trained professionals who communicate with knowledge and compassion.”


“ To provide the opportunity for people to live a happy, fulfilling life of their own choosing in their home and community, surrounded by an ongoing circle of support including family, friends, and needed professionals.“


Community Resource Coordinators
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Support Coordination

Support Coordination (Case Management) is a community service for children and adults with special needs. It is a component in some of the programs of the Department of Health and Hospitals. The support coordinator helps these individuals and their families locate and manage the services necessary for them to live a healthy and safe life in their home. The support coordinator helps the individual and family develop a service plan focusing on meeting their unique needs and dreams. The support coordinator then locates the many types of services needed to satisfy their needs. The individual or family chooses the services they wish to use, and the support coordinator helps to link them with the chosen service.

In the community, there is a network of services and individuals who assist people in need that can be complicated and difficult to navigate without some professional assistance. Support Coordination helps individuals understand the many available services, then choose the most appropriate ones to meet their needs, and then best use them on a daily basis.

Support coordinators are available to help each individual who is enrolled in the following programs under the direction of the under the Department of Health and Hospitals: The Early Steps Program, New Opportunities Waiver, EPSDT Program Children’s Choice, Elderly and Disabled Adult Waiver, and other similar programs.

Services Linked

  • Medicaid, SSI, and Disability programs
  • Medical and Therapy Sources
  • Early Steps Programs & Services
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Waiver Services
  • Transportation
  • Assistive Technology
  • Information on Disabilities
  • Hearing aids and TTYs
  • Parent Support Programs
  • Job Training
  • Housing agencies
  • Skills Training Independent Living
  • Recreation Programs
  • Advocacy and support groups
  • Recreation Programs
  • Counseling
  • Other related community supports and services

Our Founder’s Story

I became involved in Support Coordination because of my own with a severe disability. Twenty years ago, 1 woke up at 4 AM to find that my right side was becoming paralyzed and I could not speak. At the hospital, it was discovered that 1 had a blood clot on the surface of the brain. After an operation, I had almost no speech, and my physician said that I probably would never walk again.

Thankfully, I recovered most of my speech and motor control during the next four years. During that time I learned how important it is to have a support network or ‘safety net.’ My parents motivated me and gave me courage. I had an incredible circle of friends who treated me with respect, not with pity or grief. They gave me hope. They opened doors for me and encouraged me to walk through them. They had a gentle but persistent expectation of good, and I eventually started to respond. I received my Masters in Special Education six years later.

My Support Coordination agency, Community Resource Coordinators, was based on the idea of a ‘safety net.’ This net looks different for each person because their needs, wishes, and dreams are different. Our staff has tried to make sure that each person & family builds a net of supports that is truly safe, and that all essential services are in place when needed. Hopefully, we try to pass on to our families the skills to be able to create and maintain their own safety net.

Over the years, I have learned that having a secure safety net is just the beginning. A person needs more than supports in order to make life worth living. All of us need to have some joy and a sense of fulfillment in our lives. I’ve found that if CRC can help a person find situations where they feel more alive, they will naturally want to do more, learn more, and take on more responsibility for their lives. More importantly, everyone that we have helped has shown us that they are more than clients or consumers or individuals. They are people, who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.



Brian Bruce

[ Sept. 17, 1946 - Feb. 24, 2010 ]

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crc web logo 3

Community Resource Coordinators
4354 S.Sherwood Forest Blvd – Ste 240
Baton Rouge, La 70816
toll free at (877) 935-0099

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